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Type: String

String is a basic type on Redis

The maximum capcity of type String is 512M Byte.

In type String, you can use the text as the string value. That is normal.

But the String in Redis can be calculate if the string content is numeric.

You can add or subtract a integer string by command INCR, INCRBY, DECR, DECRBY.

And you can add a floating string by command INCRBYFLOAT and positive argument, subtract by command INCRBYFLOAT and nagetive argument.

In addition, you can also do binary manipulation on strings with command SETBIT, GETBIT, BITCOUNT, BITOP, BITPOS...

command syntax description example return
set SET key value set a pair of key-value set name boii OK
get GET key get the value of key get name "boii"
mset MSET key value [key value ...] set more pair of key-value at one time mset name boii age 18 OK
mget MGET key [key ...] get more values of key-value at one time mget name age "boii" "18"
setex SETEX key seconds value shortcut of SET key value + EXPIRE key seconds setex name 5 boii OK
psetex PSETEX key seconds value shortcur of SET key value + PEXPIRE key microseconds psetex name 5000 boii OK
setnx SETNX key value set a pair of key-value if key isn't exists setnx name boii 1 if successful, otherwise 0
msetnx SETNX key value [key value ...] set more pair of key-value if all key isn't exists msetnx name boii age 18 1 if all key isn't exists, otherwise 0
getset GETSET key newValue get the value of key and set the new value getset name eva "boii"
strlen SETLEN key return the length of key's value strlen name 4
append APPEND key value append the new value after the value of key append name good 8
getrange GETRANGE key start end similar to slice but include end character, -1 means until the end getrange name 0 5 "boiigo"
decr DECR key decrease one from a numeric value, similar key-- decr age 17
decrby DECRBY key decrement similar key -= decrement decrby age 10 7
incr INCR key increase one from a numeric value, similar key++ incr age 8
incrby INCRBY key increment similar key += increment incrby age 100 108
incrbyfloat INCRBYFLOAT key increment increase a float value to a numeric value, Maximum 17 decimal places incrbyfloat age 0.5 108.5